Brutal attack on UPS driver caught on home surveillance camera in Fort Myers – NBC2 News

Home surveillance cameras on Yellow Poplar Drive captured a man hired as a UPS helper brutally attacking the woman he was paired with.

Just after 8 p.m. on Monday, neighbors in the Botanica Lakes Community said they heard loud screams for help.

Many weren’t even sure what the screams were for until they looked outside and saw a woman bleeding and begging for help.

On one of the doors in the community, you can see a bloodstain left behind, showing a sign of the struggle.

The driver was punched and knocked to the ground by her helper. As she tried running away, the attacker kept going as he cursed at her.

As the woman was laying down on the ground, the man could be heard telling her to keep quiet. He stood over the woman for a while before taking off.

Despite a search on the ground and overhead by law enforcement, the attacker got away, leaving neighbors concerned.

A UPS spokesperson released a statement about the incident, saying: 

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