Red Cross To Install Free Smoke Alarms In Wayne County –

The American Red Cross is teaming up with community partners to install free smoke alarms during a Sound the Alarm event in Wayne County.

The home fire safety and smoke alarm installation event being held from 9 AM – 3 PM this Saturday, January 18, is part of the national Red Cross Home Fire Campaign to reduce fire deaths and injuries. Red Cross volunteers, Goldsboro Fire Department, United Way of Wayne County, Lott Carey, The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, and partners will canvass neighborhoods to install free smoke alarms, replace batteries in existing alarms, and help families create home fire escape plans. Services are free and available for all people in need.

“Home fires are the biggest disaster threat we face in our nation, killing on average seven people every day,” said James Jarvis, Executive Director of the American Red Cross, Cape Fear Chapter. “Across the 53 counties served by our region, our Red Cross volunteers responded to 1,377 home fires and other disasters in 2019.  One of these events was Hurricane Dorian; the far majority of our responses are to home fires.  In Wayne County, Red Cross volunteers responded to 43 home fires in 2019.  Please help us Sound the Alarm against these home fire disasters by volunteering or donating to support our lifesaving services.”

People interested in requesting a free smoke alarm installation or volunteering for a smoke alarm installation event can register at or call 919-735-7201.

Since launching the Home Fire Campaign in 2014, the Red Cross and community partners have installed  2 million free smoke alarm in the U.S.  In Eastern NC, the Red Cross and local partners installed 5,226 free smoke alarms and made 2,425 households safer from the threat of home fires during 2019. To date, there have 682 lives saved from this initiative nationwide.

In July 2019, two lives were saved in a Jacksonville home fire because of the blaring of smoke alarms in the home, alarms that the Red Cross and our partners installed in 2017.

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