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A home, small or large, should be guarded by someone. And if it’s not your dog, it should be a CCTV installation.

What do you do? Install a 24×7 surveillance camera that will keep an eye on your house and let that little electronic eye send you images, videos and alerts about who stumbled by your home in search of gold or who all did your son invite to that late night party when you were away on an office tour.

Installing a CCTV camera circuit at home is not so easy as it involves miles of wiring and a separate video recorder packed into a separate room. And the worst — when the burglars come, they steal that too — so you are left with absolutely no footage of the theft. Solution? Go wireless, go on the cloud.

Currently there are a few brands in India that sell home surveillance cameras that are smart. They connect directly to the internet and can upload every minute of your footage safely and securely. So even if that burglar stole your camera, you have your recordings. These cameras are wirelessly connected and even if the internet goes offline, they can record videos on the onboard storage with ease. And best of all, these cameras can turn their necks 360 degrees and cover everything from one single angle.

We tested three such 360° cameras from three different brands that feature cloud recording so that you can keep your eyes on your home while still holidaying in the Alps.  

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